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Van de Ven signed a contract with Tottenham Hotspur in August 2023 until mid-2029. Tottenham was the opponent in this. Boeing already started a study for an SST in 1952, which resulted in the model 733 and eventually the Boeing 2707. The United Kingdom held the first study meeting on February 25, 1954. After the Caravelle entered service in 1959, the design department of Sud Aviation also transferred to a study of SST, which resulted in the Super Caravelle. The plans for the aircraft were already made in 1955. In November 2021, however, the Feyenoord club seemed to stop planning for the realization of the new stadium, due to changes in construction costs and conditions. For the Concorde project, both countries wanted to have their own factory, so an assembly line was set up in both Toulouse and Filton. To protect their own industry, both governments wanted at least a balanced division of labor, so that the tender led to many discussions and delays. The Concorde was a prestige project of the British and French governments. The Concorde was therefore built from a copper-aluminium alloy RR58 that can withstand heating up to 127 °C without weakening with regular temperature fluctuations.

As a result, the aircraft flew from London to New York in less than three hours. In October 1961, a sales agreement was concluded for four Caravelles whereby Panair stipulated that it would purchase the first three production Super Caravelle aircraft. Panair was liquidated in 1965 in the aftermath of the 1964 coup in Brazil, which eliminated these three options. The final draft was presented at the 1964 meeting of the IATA Technical Committee in Beirut. To test delta wings at low speeds, the British built the HP 115, which first flew on 17 August 1961. For high-speed trials, the BAC 221 was built, testing both the delta wing and the movable nose; this aircraft first flew on May 1, 1964. In addition to these practical tests, many wind tunnel tests were also carried out to determine the shape of the wing. Air resistance causes the skin of the aircraft to heat up and, at supersonic speeds, also heats up the inside. However, these short wings provided too little lift at lower speeds, so that high landing speeds are required.

Turbofan engines were not eligible due to the large diameter and therefore air resistance, so a pure jet engine was chosen. The nose of the aircraft was foldable, so that the cockpit crew still had some view of the runway despite the large angle of attack. Leicester as a club held the record for playing most FA Cup finals without winning an edition. In 1972, the take-off weight was set at 174,636 kg, which would allow the aircraft to last the desired number of 45,000 flight hours without any problems. We've also created a coach wishlist where managers can view the desired Tactical Vision, Knowledge and specific Coach skills, and even get notified when a suitable candidate becomes available. To cover the costs, 150 devices would have to be sold. Concorde's development schedule envisaged maiden flight on February 28, 1968, and certification in 1971. The cost of the project was estimated at £150 million. After the election of April 2023, the prize has been awarded for a total of 259 months. Coquelin was allowed to start a match for Arsenal for the first time in 23 months, against West Ham United.

By using reflective white to paint the aircraft, the warming at mach 2 could be limited to between 6 °C and 11 °C. For extra thrust during take-off and breaking the sound barrier, the Concorde uses afterburners. The regular transition from supersonic to subsonic (C) means that the tail tank fills the main tank with enough fuel for the rest of the flight, while reserve fuel goes to the forward tank. The Concorde was a supersonic airliner. A logical next step was to increase the speed even further, which led to various projects for supersonic transport (SST). In the summer of 1963 it was decided that a single version for 100 to 120 passengers would be developed based on a scaled-down Bristol 223, which the British had designed from 1960 onwards. The British considered the adoption of options premature in early 1963, but pressure from Pan Am made this possible and on June 3, 1963 Air France, BOAC and Pan Am each placed 6 options, making 21 on the books.

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